hex to pantone

  06/11/2017     Comments (0)

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Race Report: UCI XCM World Series "La Forestiere" France, 18-9-2016

  Sören Nissen     27/09/2016     Comments (0)

Race Report by Sören Nissen: UCI XCM World Series “La Forestiere” France - Sunday (18 th  of Sept.)   The race was consisting of 100km and 2900 meters of climbing. This is one of the biggest events on the French calendar, and very important for the top riders.I was for sure really motivated to aim for a great result! I have been feeling better and better lately and this important race was one of my BIG goals already from beginning of the year. The start list was really impressing strong with riders like the former European champions, Swiss Urs Huber (Team Bulls) and from Russia Alexey Medvedev (Team Trek). Especially the Italian team Trek Selle San Marco was at the start with their dream team (Trek has been dominating all races in Italy this year) So I knew I had to look out for these...

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Skaidi Xtreme 2016

  Soren Nissen     06/09/2016     Comments (0)

Good news from the north. On Saturday the 3 rd  of September I won “Skaidi Xtreme” all up in Finnmark, Norway!! This year’s edition was more special than usual as the organisers have managed to put together the absolute strongest race field in the race history. Team Bulls were on the start line with 5 time Cape Epic winner Karl Platt and Stefan Sahm. Furthermore the top elite of Norwegian mtb riders chose to join the race. The race consisted of 3 laps of each 15km and 1500 meters of elevation all in all. It had been raining really badly the whole week before the event which made the track even more difficult. To race under these extreme conditions is really a challenge, as you have to have in mind that this race is the most northern you almost can get on a bike. The town Skaidi is on the same level as the...

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Sören @ Ultra Birken, Norway 2016

  Sören Nissen     30/08/2016     Comments (0)

A little update here from Norway where I am racing the 3 biggest Norwegian MTB events of the year. Friday the 26 th  it was time for the most extreme and long XCM race of this season. “Ultra Birken” is the name of this race and a part of the huge “Birken” concept which every year attracts thousands of people to race and the afterwards bike show with all the new bikes etc. for 2017. The “Ultra Birken” is a 120km and 2400 meters of climbing. But the trails are not something like we are “used” to where I normally race. Narrow single trails with a LOT of big rocks and due to the rain really slippery conditions. When the start went at 9oclock we were 600 riders seeded in the first start and with only 10 degrees and rain everybody just wanted to get started. The first 20 km was...

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How to choose the right wheels or rims for your tires

  9th Wave     21/08/2016     Comments (0)

It's clear that mountain bike tires are getting wider and wider. Therefore we decided to make our mountainbike wheels 4 different widths. There is now a choice of inner  widths of 22, 24.5 29.5 and 35 mm. (Note: many brands only mention the outside dimensions of the rims. For the proper choice you will need the width on the inside!) Are your mountainbike tires too wide for your rims? With this scheme you can choose the right rims / wheels with tires that you use.

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